Our Values

Quality TIME, Quality SPACE, Quality PORTFOLIO

Atelier NIRIS was founded in Leiden, the Netherlands in 2018 by Xichen Sun. It is a consultant agency which offers advice and solutions in areas of real estate development, architecture design, and art managing.

Xichen Sun was born in Shanghai, China in a music family and graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University and TU Delft with her bachelor and master degree in architecture. She is at the same time a Dutch-registered architect. This Sino-Dutch background makes it possible for Atelier NIRIS to offer its clients with international vision and solutions.

The trinity structure of art, architecture and real estate is the core value of Atelier NIRIS. With the profound understanding of the three areas, it is able to point out the exact spot with an accurate net system for the clients and realize not only the projects they want but also something even better.

Atelier NIRIS believes in the concept of Quality TIME, Quality SPACE, Quality PORTFOLIO. The realization of any one of the three is not possible without the other two. The three-dimensional approach leads to not only a single piece of fine art, a delicate architecture design or a successful real estate project. Therefore, Atelier NIRIS sets strict quality control in delightful experience, space design, and investment decision.




孙希辰于2018年在荷兰莱顿市成立了NIRIS 工作室。作为一家咨询机构,NIRIS工作室为地产开发,建筑设计以及艺术策展提供专业建议及解决方案。



NIRIS 工作室坚信她的执行准则:“高品质体验、高品质空间、高品质投资”。为了实现目标,三者缺一不可。三位一体的手法不仅仅能够产生高尚的艺术、精美的建筑、或成功的地产项目。因此,NIRIS工作室在愉悦体验、空间设计和投资决策方面设置了严格的质量控制。



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